Busbar Bender

DGWMX803E-3-S CNC turret double station busbar machine


Main function:

CNC busbar bender machine

To cut/punch(all kingds of round/square/special holes and slot type)/chamfer/horizontal bending/ vertical bending/ emboss/Press cable thread /twist/anti-press flat the copper/aluminum busbar ect. Function introduction:
1. Cutting unit adopts double-column shear structure (patent number: ZL201120262802.1),Cut mouth flat, no burr, no waste.
2. Punching unit adopts Nodular cast iron,4/6/8 modes position turrent punching structure which is a totaly whole one,improving concentric degree of moulds, prolonging the service life of the moulds,saving time of change.
3. Bending unit adopts closed bending structure,making it is more uniform when processing horizontal bending and embossing. Also prolonging the service life.
4. Bending unit adopts double work table,achieved a real sense of the three position working at thge same time while working without impact each other.
5. Adopting PLC controlled, bending angle can be cnc,and with a storage function.
6. Three units of the machine can work at the same time,not affecting each other,Improving the processing efficiency.
7. Hydraulic tank with thick plate weldin g,and is treated by phosphating, making hydraulic oil can be long time used and will not degenerate.

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