Precision punch manufacturers, IPM – do precision presses

December 26, 2016 · Posted in Uncategorised 

Precision punch manufacturers, IPM – do precision presses, more professional Shenzhen IPM Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in precision presses, high-speed series presses (15T-500T) processing, precision punching machine manufacturer-IPM manufacturers and has a large and a large number of CNC machining equipment cnc angle punching. Clear quality objectives and follow the principles to ensure that the advanced IPM precision punch bevel machine, reliability, competition in the market dominance.

IPM is the Taiwan industry professionals in the manufacture and design of Dongguan Punch, Taiwan’s high-speed presses, Japan’s high-speed presses, Liwan precision punching machine manufacturers and customers at any time to do high-speed press repair cnc drilling machine for sale. IPM production of precision punch with: stable operation, security, high precision, processing automation, environmental protection, energy saving and so on. Welcome to inquire:


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