the machine running plate punching machine

December 26, 2016 · Posted in Uncategorised 

Precision punch press _ high-precision steel ★ precision punch precision adjustment mold up to 0.1mm, safe, convenient and reliable ★ Crankshaft, gear set, connecting rod and other components, after the hard oxidation and grinding process, with a very high overall performance and resistance type ★ Highly sensitive and reliable clutch / brake device and the international top double solenoid valve Drilling Machine for Sieve Plate, overload protection device to ensure the accuracy and safety of the press slide operation and stop. ★ Reasonable design of the machine structure, easy to automate production, reduce finished products and improve efficiency ★ Advanced design concept CNC H-Beam Drilling, low noise, low consumption, energy saving ★ high steel frame design, the use of high-quality steel welding system, through the elimination of internal stress process. Improve the stability of the whole machine accuracy and reliability ★ transmission center and the machine as a whole center to ensure accurate and stable stamping ★ In order to ensure the relative stability of the machine running plate punching machine, the use of piles into two sliders, balancer device design In this case, (Market scale, market structure, market characteristics, etc.), production analysis (total production, supply and demand balance, etc.), competition analysis (industry concentration, competition pattern), the industry development environment, market analysis, , Industry competition, competition, etc.), product price analysis, user analysis, analysis of alternatives and complementary products, industry-driven factors, industry channel analysis, industry profitability, industry growth, industry solvency, industry operating capacity, Industry analysis, regional market analysis, industry risk analysis, industry development prospects and related business forecasts, investment advice.


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