protective cover for protection Drilling Machine for Plate

December 26, 2016 · Posted in Uncategorised 

Solution to Broken Needle Problem in Fabrication of Punching In this case, Perforated mesh is a kind of mesh made by punching machine on the metal plate according to the size provided by the customer best drilling machine. In this case, However, in the course of the operation is always broken needle phenomenon occurs Dished Head Punching Machine, the impact of duration does not say, but also bring unnecessary losses. According to this situation, the co-segment Precision Punch Co., Ltd. based on years of experience in punching friendship to remind you in the operation of the Note: In this case, First: for the protection of the punch is not enough, in the design of the punch reinforcement or protective cover for protection Drilling Machine for Plate.

In this case, Second: in the punching process, be sure to ensure that the vertical punching, do not red side, because it will lead to punch when the lateral force increases, if the needle is not good quality, it is prone to breaking phenomenon . In this case, Third: If the thickness of sheet metal punch should not be the same as the different speed, so you can guarantee the life of punching pin.


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