Does punching leak affect workers’ health?

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Precision punching (fine blanking) is an advanced stamping process, the use of this process can be directly obtained shear surface roughness Ra3.2 ~ 0.8μm and size precision to IT8 level parts, and precision punch and precision molds Provides hardware protection.

Does punching leak affect workers' health
Punching process; first by the ring plate, die, punch and back plate compression material; then punch punching force applied punching, this time the pressure and anti-pressure drilling equipment material should remain unchanged, continue to compress Blanking; blanking the end of the slider back, the precision punch is not synchronized to provide unloading force and the top pieces of force to achieve the discharge and the top pieces.
Precision punch press force and back pressure drill machine for flange  can be adjusted according to the needs of specific parts fine blanking process within a certain range, so to achieve the three fine blanking action, providing the best choice for five forces – precision punch. The easy-forging precision punch for one of the king, it is recommended.
In the precision punching installation process angle punch, how to connect a good tracheal system, to punch gas, we think it is the most simple thing.
In fact, many factories have a precision punch, if you go in, you can hear the sound of rustling, that is leaked, many factory workers is so in the “bullock” environment, you can imagine, This work efficiency and impact on the health of workers it?


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