copper busbar bending machine

March 17, 2016 · Posted in busbar bending machine 


1.The series of machine uses oil pressure as the active force,CNC as control unit, matching our independent researched and developmented CAD/CAM system, with the charactors of high efficiency and high automation.
2.Adopting the “open type bending” structure,structure simple, stress reasonable,easy to charge and discharge materials ect.
3.Hydraulic part with the “two speed feed”when improving the efficiency of the processing,making the accuracy of the bending ensured.
4. Through the “pull type rotary encoder” test cylinder position to finish the processing operation.
5.The gauge adopts modularization design.,can choose the length of the gauge according to demand.The bridge structure of the “double linear guide” is used in the gauge section.Running smoothly.
6.HMI,Operating easily,real-time present operating state of the program.
7. Can connect with MX602K-7C CNC busbar punching cut t ing machine by CNC programming software,operating simply,machine and software not influence each other,easy to maintain.
8.Hydraulic hose adopts national standard A connection mode,easy to connect,firm and durable.

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