The Principle of Electro – hydraulic Proportional PWM Control

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Electro-hydraulic proportional control of the core is to control the current. Analog control power output stage to the proportional valve coil current is continuous, power device power consumption, the need to install cooling devices. And PWM control power output stage is switch-type CNC Busbar structure, power consumption is small; PWM signal contains the same frequency pulse volume, without additional chatter signal, anti-interference and anti-pollution ability, short lag time, high precision; Adopt the numerical control, and the computer connection is convenient, may realize the procedure control.
Proportional electromagnet according to the size of the current to produce the corresponding electromagnetic force, which can be controlled in proportion.

busbar machine busbar machine

The use of advanced controllable PWM technology, the output circuit to produce a variable switching voltage, the power amplifier tube is only in the saturated conduction and cut-off state, so the power is low, no additional heat sink, which can increase the amplifier output switching voltage U And shorten the current rise time, so that the output response to speed up and improve the anti-jamming capability, on the other hand, the power amplifier voltage U is added to the proportional solenoid coil, the inductance of the coil to the current I into small amplitude charge and discharge fluctuations Of the alternating current signal of the DC current, play a flutter effect, can effectively reduce friction, reduce hysteresis and dead zone phenomenon, improve the sensitivity of the electromagnet. The effect of flutter busbar bending machine action depends on the frequency and amplitude of the current fluctuation. The effect is obvious when the frequency is low and the amplitude is large, but the frequency is too low and the system will be unstable when the amplitude is too large. Usually the square wave frequency is selected in the electromagnetic core without damping natural frequency of 1.2 to 2 times.
Proportional valve coil voltage waveform for a certain period, the pulse width of the rectangular wave controllable. Since the pulse period is much smaller than the spool’s response period, the spool’s motion responds only to the average of the PWM signal. The basic form of the PWM circuit is shown in Fig. The PWM signal controls the turn-on and turn-off of the switch. When the duty cycle changes from 0 to 100%, the average current I can change from 0 to the steady-state current U / RL.

Precision punch manufacturers, IPM – do precision presses

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Precision punch manufacturers, IPM – do precision presses, more professional Shenzhen IPM Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in precision presses, high-speed series presses (15T-500T) processing, precision punching machine manufacturer-IPM manufacturers and has a large and a large number of CNC machining equipment cnc angle punching. Clear quality objectives and follow the principles to ensure that the advanced IPM precision punch bevel machine, reliability, competition in the market dominance.

IPM is the Taiwan industry professionals in the manufacture and design of Dongguan Punch, Taiwan’s high-speed presses, Japan’s high-speed presses, Liwan precision punching machine manufacturers and customers at any time to do high-speed press repair cnc drilling machine for sale. IPM production of precision punch with: stable operation, security, high precision, processing automation, environmental protection, energy saving and so on. Welcome to inquire:

Precision punching professional manufacturer – IPM

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Precision punching professional manufacturer – IPM, good punch Shenzhen IPM Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of punching precision and high-speed presses (15T-500T) for processing and punching equipment in Guangzhou. It is equipped with large and large-scale CNC machining equipment, sophisticated testing instruments and complete physical and chemical facilities.

The quality of control means to achieve the ERP, PDM, CAM and other enterprise information engineering, with rapid response to market demand resilience sawing machine. Precision punching the use of the most advanced casting technology, the whole structure and stability; system micro-electronic control to prevent the second punch Angle Straightening Machine, double protection; micro-control punching intensity, machine damage to the minimum aluminum; double-action single-pressure air clutch Straightening Machines, safe and energy saving Low noise; slider with six-oriented, and enhance the service life of the mold.

IPM punch is your trusted professional punch manufacturer

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Precision punching, high-quality punch in Shenzhen, professional punch IPM insists on the quality policy of ‘quality and service’ Laser Cutting Robot, continuously improves the quality consciousness and quality level of the whole staff, confirms the quality target and the principle of compliance metal punching machine, and ensures the advanced position and reliability of IPM precision punching machine in the market competition. Company production of high-quality presses sheet metal hole punch, low-cost presses, IPM punch is your trusted professional punch manufacturer, please call to discuss:

the machine running plate punching machine

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Precision punch press _ high-precision steel ★ precision punch precision adjustment mold up to 0.1mm, safe, convenient and reliable ★ Crankshaft, gear set, connecting rod and other components, after the hard oxidation and grinding process, with a very high overall performance and resistance type ★ Highly sensitive and reliable clutch / brake device and the international top double solenoid valve Drilling Machine for Sieve Plate, overload protection device to ensure the accuracy and safety of the press slide operation and stop. ★ Reasonable design of the machine structure, easy to automate production, reduce finished products and improve efficiency ★ Advanced design concept CNC H-Beam Drilling, low noise, low consumption, energy saving ★ high steel frame design, the use of high-quality steel welding system, through the elimination of internal stress process. Improve the stability of the whole machine accuracy and reliability ★ transmission center and the machine as a whole center to ensure accurate and stable stamping ★ In order to ensure the relative stability of the machine running plate punching machine, the use of piles into two sliders, balancer device design In this case, (Market scale, market structure, market characteristics, etc.), production analysis (total production, supply and demand balance, etc.), competition analysis (industry concentration, competition pattern), the industry development environment, market analysis, , Industry competition, competition, etc.), product price analysis, user analysis, analysis of alternatives and complementary products, industry-driven factors, industry channel analysis, industry profitability, industry growth, industry solvency, industry operating capacity, Industry analysis, regional market analysis, industry risk analysis, industry development prospects and related business forecasts, investment advice.

protective cover for protection Drilling Machine for Plate

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Solution to Broken Needle Problem in Fabrication of Punching In this case, Perforated mesh is a kind of mesh made by punching machine on the metal plate according to the size provided by the customer best drilling machine. In this case, However, in the course of the operation is always broken needle phenomenon occurs Dished Head Punching Machine, the impact of duration does not say, but also bring unnecessary losses. According to this situation, the co-segment Precision Punch Co., Ltd. based on years of experience in punching friendship to remind you in the operation of the Note: In this case, First: for the protection of the punch is not enough, in the design of the punch reinforcement or protective cover for protection Drilling Machine for Plate.

In this case, Second: in the punching process, be sure to ensure that the vertical punching, do not red side, because it will lead to punch when the lateral force increases, if the needle is not good quality, it is prone to breaking phenomenon . In this case, Third: If the thickness of sheet metal punch should not be the same as the different speed, so you can guarantee the life of punching pin.

What is the punch The press is a punch press

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In the national production, the stamping process because of the traditional mechanical processing is to save materials and energy, high efficiency, the technical requirements of the operator is not high and through a variety of mold applications can be made by mechanical processing can not achieve these advantages of the product, and therefore It is used more and more widely angle work machine. Stamping production is mainly for the plate. Can be a die, can do blanking, punching sheet metal machinery, forming, drawing, finishing, fine blanking, plastic, riveting and extrusion parts cnc machines, etc., are widely used in various fields. If we use the switches and sockets, cups, cupboards, plates, computer cases, and even missile aircraft have a lot of accessories can be produced by punching through the mold.

Does punching leak affect workers’ health?

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Precision punching (fine blanking) is an advanced stamping process, the use of this process can be directly obtained shear surface roughness Ra3.2 ~ 0.8μm and size precision to IT8 level parts, and precision punch and precision molds Provides hardware protection.

Does punching leak affect workers' health
Punching process; first by the ring plate, die, punch and back plate compression material; then punch punching force applied punching, this time the pressure and anti-pressure drilling equipment material should remain unchanged, continue to compress Blanking; blanking the end of the slider back, the precision punch is not synchronized to provide unloading force and the top pieces of force to achieve the discharge and the top pieces.
Precision punch press force and back pressure drill machine for flange  can be adjusted according to the needs of specific parts fine blanking process within a certain range, so to achieve the three fine blanking action, providing the best choice for five forces – precision punch. The easy-forging precision punch for one of the king, it is recommended.
In the precision punching installation process angle punch, how to connect a good tracheal system, to punch gas, we think it is the most simple thing.
In fact, many factories have a precision punch, if you go in, you can hear the sound of rustling, that is leaked, many factory workers is so in the “bullock” environment, you can imagine, This work efficiency and impact on the health of workers it?

busbar bender suppliers hydraulic busbar bender

busbar bender suppliers hydraulic busbar bender

CNC hydraulic copper Aluminum Brass busbar bending machine piercing.

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hydraulic busbar bender


horizontal bending sample

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horizontal bending sample,busbar bender sample

horizontal bending sample

horizontal bending sample

horizontal bending sample

Material/Metal Processed: copper/aluminum

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